• Is Your Financial Advisor Working for You?

    When you turn over your hard earned money to a financial advisor, you would expect that your best interests will be taken to heart. In the end, that’s not always the case. Over the years, investors have lost trillions in the markets, especially with the last two major market corrections. As a result, it can …Continue reading »

  • 4 Strategies for Creating and Preserving Wealth

    For years you thought creating wealth meant saving as much as possible – taking advantage of all of the available tax deductions, contributing to a retirement account and diversifying investments. Picking good financial advice from bad financial advice isn’t always easy, but when it’s touted as the way things are, it’s even more confusing. As …Continue reading »

  • Top 5 Reasons Why Athletes Go Broke

    Most professional athletes work with a financial professional in some way. So why are many athletes facing financial distress, becoming victims of fraud, and filing for bankruptcy? According to Sports Illustrated, after only two years into retirement, 78 percent of NFL players will file for bankruptcy or face financial hardships. Within five years of retirement, …Continue reading »