2018 SPIRAL Tropical Bowl FBS All-American All-Star Game

Top FBS College Football Seniors fill the 2018 SPIRAL Tropical Bowl Roster as 100 Pro Scouts descend on Daytona Beach, Florida of the January 14th, 2018 game.

The highly successful FBS college football all-star game the SPIRAL Tropical Bowl returns to Daytona Beach, FL for the 3rd annual game. The Tropical Bowl will be played at Daytona Beach Municipal Stadium on Sunday, January 14, 2018, from 9am-1pm. Since 2016 over 110 Players from this game have gone on to the NFL including more the CFL and Pro Arena leagues. The Tropical Bowl is considered a top 4 Bowl Game by Scouts and is attended by almost every NFL team consistently seeing 27 teams Scouts and GM’s in attendance. The featured sponsor of the game is East Preps and NFL DRAFT BLITZ. Sponsors also include MVP Wealth Management Group, True to Yourself Brand, and the broadcast partner FloFootball by FloSports. FloFootball has the exclusive rights to broadcast the SPIRAL Tropical Bowl and will stream the game online for subscribers at FloFootball.com

The SPIRAL Tropical Bowl roster is unique in that it gives the NFL and CFL scouts a chance to view and get to know the best college football players from the top FBS schools across the nation. Again, the SPIRAL Tropical Bowl National Team will be head coached by award-winning 18 year NFL veteran Coach Mike Stock formerly of the Green Bay Packers while the American Team will be head coached by experienced former FBS Coach R. Todd Littlejohn who has coached for New Mexico, Syracuse, and Cal. 13 years NFL Scout Ken Moll is the Tropical Bowl games scouting Executive and he will be assisted by former Fritz-Pollard NFL Scout of the Year Jerry Hardaway who is also in the Ourlads Pro Scout Hall of Fame. Local Florida schools that have players play in the game last year include Florida State, University of Miami, FIU, USF, FAU, and Bethune-Cookman University. The SPIRAL Tropical Bowl is organized by its owner Michael Quartey Esq. For more info about the SPIRAL, Tropical Bowl go to TropicalBowl.com

To see the full SPIRAL Tropical Bowl roster go to http://www.tropicalbowl.com/roster